Electronic devices based on graphene

Nowdays one can see a great interest in graphene due to unique properties of this two-dimensional material. Graphene has certain advantages, which allow to consider it as a promising alternative to the traditional material of semiconductor electronics.

The main problem limiting the widespread introduction of graphene is the search for methods for the synthesis of nanoscale graphite layers with the given parameters. Among a variety of methods, perhaps the best known method - a method of micromechanical cleavage of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite layers. However, this method can not talk about the big yield. Obtained by this method Graphene has all spectrum of unique characteristics, but the frequency of the structures is poor.

In our research we use the method of chemical vapor deposition of ethanol for growing nanoscale layers of graphite, This method eliminates the high temperatures and does not require ultra-high vacuum. In addition to the methods of obtaining the material, conducting research to develop methods of the local positioning of nanoscale graphite layers on the surface of different plates, which must have the simplicity and reproducibility, which will form the various hardware components as micro-, and nanoelectronics. After all, any nanoelectronic devices based on graphene, includes a fragment of a graphene sheet, which is in a complex electrostatic environment (substrate, the contact and contactless electrodes, and other fragments of graphene).

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