Nanotechnological complex nanofab 100

  Nanotechnology complexes (NTC) of Nanofab 100 have modular  construction and can be used both for  research  objects in various fields of  nanotechnology (micro- and nano-sized electronics, nano-sized photonics, nanophase materials science ) and for low-batch production of nanostructure, nanoelements and nanodevices.

  NC Nanofab consists of 3 basic modules which are united by transportational evacuated system which makes it possible to transport the wafers with  diameter up to 100mm (4 inches) between modules :

·         Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) module  for  forming   heterojunction structures based on GaN/AlGaN of heterojunction structures;

·         Focused ion beam( FIB )and  scanning electron microscopy(SEM) ;

·         The module of high-vacuum  atomic force microscopy(AFM)

  The module also includes : a  section of heatup of wafers, a section of high temperature evacuated annealing, a section of  and a batching up and a section of change of AFM probes


Basic parameters of nitride module MBE (manufactured by SemiTeech)

The capability of rotation of  delivery vehicle of  the template

not less than 1 rpm/sec

The highest possible temperature of heating of template

not less than 1100°C

The  temperature control of substrate heater

W/Re    thermocouple with precision ±0,5°C

                On-line analyzer of residual atmosphere

                Quadrupolar type

Ports for laser interferometer and pyrometer

With dampers

The system of   march suction with turbomolecular pump

with a productivity rate 1400-2000 l/sec

                Highest attainable vacuum after heat addition (for 48 hours ,200 C°)

Not worse than 1x10-8 Pa



Basic parameters of ultrahigh-vacuum module FIB(manufactured by Orsay Physics).



From 10 to 100 mm in diameter ,to 8mm in height


To 150 g

FIB system


The size of spot

≤10nm if PO=12mm

Operational field

300x300 μm

Flange back distance

From 12 to 27 mm

beam energy

3-30 keV

ion current

From 1 pA to 20 nA

Time of cut-off of current


intensity of current

20 A/cm2

Time of life of   gallic      source

Not less than 1500

Coordinate table


XY positioning of sample

100x100 mm

Speed of moving of coordinate table

≤250 mm/s

Distinguishability of        repositioning

Less than 1 μm (pak-to-peak)


≤1.2x10-8 Pa

Capability of heatup of the system

to 150 °C

Vibrating insulation


1-200 Hz


Over 200 Hz